Over the decades, Peter Burns has had the pleasure to work many talented individuals. With his passion for engaging with entrepreneurs and, niche markets, Peter's expertise is focused in this area. Peter is seeking entrepreneurs with valid concepts to assist in funding. Loan and equity applicants who are selected, are expected to be completely cooperative and to provide all requested information in full and on time. To be very clear, we only be picking those clients who have the highest likelihood of success and are the most cooperative.

We ask that...

1) the proposal for the loan or equity be condensed to a single page.

2) you provide the name of the company and corporate designation (corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship).

3) you list all of the names of all owners, partners and decision makers as well as their addresses and their estimated FICO scores.

4) you provide the initial requested amount as well as the projections for future rounds of financing.

5) you provide us with the type of industry, history of principals in that industry and if this a start-up or ongoing business? What are gross sales for the last two years? (if available)

6) you itemize the available collateral, if needed by our lenders.

7) you read and execute our attached fee agreement and after reading the charges listed on our modified Lehmen Scale, please sign, scan and email to Financedebtandequity@gmail.com.

8) you provide us your contact info, best numbers to call, your email and best time to call.

Finally, beginning a new business, whether it's your first or not, can seem like a fairy tale. We have the capability to make it real. Tell us a story, a short story, explaining what drives your inspiration for this business. Elaborate on the goals you wish to accomplish and the benefit to yourself and others for reaching them.