Peter Burns III tab, Testimonials TAB:

Founder Club Entrepreneur --Austin J Feldman Fraud Analyst at Bill Me Later, Inc. -- I have a deep admiration and respect for Peter Burns not only as the Founder of Club E but as a person. He is gifted with high intelligence and uses it to benefit mankind. He brings so much to the table as he assists the community and its endeavors. While others create dreams, Peter ignites them into realities for the entrepreneur. He has truly amazing concepts that work, which in turn will benefit all. It's in everyone's best interest to cultivate a relationship with Peter, for as a result it becomes a win, win. Surround yourself with winners…August 30, 2009 Austin was with another company when working with Peter at Club Entrepreneur.

Kim Babjak CRTT -- I LOVE Peter! He is probably one of the best, well connected entrepreneurs I know; and I know a lot. His passion to make opportunities happen for others is unbelievable. I am extremely inspired and motivated by him and look forward to working with him for many years to come….August 29, 2009; Kim was with another company when working with Peter at Club Entrepreneur.

Jack Eberenz President Franchise Integration -- Peter is the entrepreneur's entrepreneur. His constant focus on helping individual business people succeed and his relentless devotion to improving the economy locally and nationally make him a visionary who is years ahead of the norm. I would love to take Peter's concepts worldwide… August 27, 2009 Jack was with another company when working with Peter at Club Entrepreneur.

Founder Club E Office, LLC --Sonia Graham -- Hands-on, leader focused on results. Strategic visionary, resourceful w/ ability to see projects through to completion. I only recently began working with Peter, conducting workshops at the new eFactory location in Tempe. The more I learn about Peter, the more respect I gain and the more I like him. Peter is a man of action - it is so refreshing to meet someone who says "let's do this" and he means now! I've come to realize that Peter truly wants to help out everyone around him He's probably one of the most giving and caring people I've ever met. I am so thankful that I've had this opportunity to work with Peter and I hope our relationship continues for a very long time. 

I have spent the last 13 months working closely with Peter at Club E, specifically managing the Club E Offices. I would like to add to my recommendation that now I know Peter quite well, everything I said above is true, but now I know Peter's true gift - he is a master connector and miracle worker. Peter has truly found his calling as he meets personally with each Club E member who asks for an appointment. Watching him in action is amazing. Peter’s mission is to help as many entrepreneurs as he can.  Through his work with Club E, he is well on his way to helping many…. September 1, 2010; Sonia was with another company when working with Peter at Club E Office, LLC